You may have found our website while looking for an IT services firm to work with in the Indianapolis area and you might be asking yourself – what makes Team MIS different?

You might be struggling with a simple problem and need a quick fix and are seeking out an IT provider, or maybe your organization is struggling with lots of different IT issues and need serious help. Maybe your being proactive about security before a problem even occurs, or you are just looking for ways to make your company more efficient.

Whatever problem your organization might be facing, Team MIS can help, and we can provide service on a level that other IT firms can’t.

Most IT Service companies will give you technical support and explain to you why things go wrong, but not do much beyond that. Our partners came to us with complaints that their previous companies aren’t responsive, can’t produce results, and aren’t able to meet their basic needs. By working with Team MIS, we will be able to help you with issues that arise, but we also go beyond that.

We don’t aim to be just a typical IT company, for our partners, we aim to have full strategic value. We will integrate into your organization, get to know your employees and their day to day problems, and understand how your industry works in regard to IT. We can advise you on how to help your company thrive – from what software or hardware products you will best operate with, to helping you make higher-level, long-term strategic decisions. We also take a proactive approach to security and often will correct issues before they even occur, preventing your company from experiencing any downtime. In the event an IT issue occurs, our team is extremely responsive – whether it’s a Monday morning or a Saturday afternoon, we will handle the situation promptly to keep your systems up and running. We can help you train and educate your staff, fill in the gaps on special projects you have, and be your strategic consultants that help your business find solutions through technology.

Since Team MIS started in 1998, we have been dedicated to forming long-term partnerships with our clients. Most of our clients have been working with us for well over a decade and have become an integral part of our business. If you want an IT service company that is proactive, solutions-based, and dedicated to creating value for your business, contact Team MIS today to learn more!