Hosted Email with Office 365

Email is the way we are all connected day-to-day and being connected on multiple devices is critical. We use Microsoft Office 365 as a cloud-hosted email solution to host your email to ensure no downtime and optimum security. You’ll never have a problem accessing your email on any platform and have the peace of mind that comes with cloud security. Learn more about how TeamMIS can provide cloud solutions for your email with Office 365.

Keep your company’s email secure, connected, and online with Office 365 solutions from TeamMIS.

  • Each company uses email in a unique way and we will understand your company’s needs to develop a custom solution.
  • If your email goes down, whether it’s Monday morning or Saturday night, we will respond immediately and have it up and running.
  • Each user in your company will have a point of contact they can reach out to and resolve any email issues that occur.

I want to stop worrying about email availability and security.

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