TeamMIS was founded in 1998 in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a company dedicated to providing technology solutions for businesses, our services have evolved through the changing landscape of business and technology. However, the focus from the start has always been the same – to serve our partners ethically, morally, and professionally.

Through regular meetings with our clients, we grow to understand their business, not just technical needs, including road maps, business analysis, and long-term vision. This helps us become an integral part of their business, growing and protecting the business as if it was our own. We also engage third party partners to drive relationships that better our client’s organization completely. We are dedicated to always doing the right thing and all our services reflect our core values – Believe, Trust and Invest.


Providing indispensable knowledge, skill and advice to our clients to grow and protect their business and foster lifelong relationships.

Evolving how we take action as an organization to best serve our community, our partners and ourselves.

Utilize Techology
to Build Your Business Today.

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We will be your strategic advisors and help you reach your business goals through technology.