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Protecting your organization from ransomware and other cyber threats require more than a single product. No one method of IT security is foolproof, so our security services are comprehensive. TeamMIS collaborates with the industry best of breed security solutions to protect your company, using an architectural approach to strengthen defenses with detection, visibility, and intelligence.

Our email server died one Friday afternoon and our current IT provider at the time said they wouldn’t be able to look at it until Monday. This wasn’t acceptable because I needed email running. I contacted MIS and they had a technician onsite the next morning (Saturday), diagnosed the problem, and provided a solution to restore our email. Email was restored, and I have been a client ever since.

TeamMIS is dedicated to keeping your organization secure.

  • We PREVENT problems from occuring.
  • We DETECT threats when they come through.
  • We REMEDY problems quickly and efficiently.
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While operating in the cloud is more secure, it still requires monitoring to keep your sensitive information safe. We will make sure your email is secure and protect you from 3rd party spam, filter web content and filter for viruses, and have a plan in place for disaster recovery.

Perimeter security prevents unauthorized access to or from your company’s private network. Our proactive approach to firewall security management through firewall updates and management, Advanced Malware Protection, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Web filtering will keep your company free of external threats to the network.

To protect the usability and integrity of your company’s network, TeamMIS utilizes security solutions like Cisco’s ISE and Firepower for traffic analysis and control.

Systems security encompasses several different proactive measures of security to keep your company’s information safe and keep you productive. This includes server patching, maintenance and monitoring for antivirus and antimalware, ransomware mitigation, and disaster recovery preparation.

Given the power of desktop computers in most organizations, they are often a vulnerable entry point for security threats. Through patching, maintenance, and monitoring for antivirus and antimalware we will keep your desktop computing secure.

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, it creates a new set of threats to your company’s security through mobile devices. Our mobile device management and control will detect and mitigate these threats to keep your organization’s information safe and accessible.

We can educate and train your staff to improve your company’s security from the bottom up – through security awareness and training of best practices to testing and help desk support.

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