Quarterly Update Health Checks

Most hardware and software aren’t maintained automatically, and for the efficiency of your business, you must be proactive in maintaining your technology investments. Just need a regular checkup, review, and direction for your company’s IT systems? The Quarterly Update Health Check (QUHC) program from TeamMIS reviews and deploys the right updates to computer and server firmware, networking equipment, firewalls, and software. These regular check-ups will stay on top of security threats and issues across your business from systems to software – and prevent your business from errors and downtime.

Stay on top of issues before they occur with Quarterly Update Health Checks from TeamMIS.

  • We don’t just update and identify issues with your systems, but we will make recommendations on how you can improve your company’s IT and be more efficient.
  • Solutions may go beyond your team’s skill level, and we can find things that may fall through the cracks of your in-house team.
  • Stay on track of your long-term strategic goals by making sure your IT is up to date and free from issues & threats.

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Quarterly Update Health Checks are exactly what we need!

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