We are an Indianapolis IT firm that aims to be a strategic advisor to your firm with collaboration through technology.

Our clients often consider us their partners, advisors, and an overall extension of their team and through our range of managed services, cloud services, professional services, and products, we help our clients to protect and grow your business. As a full-service IT provider, we do everything from security service, to technical support, to voice over IP. Our services are solutions-driven, and we don’t use a “one size fits all” approach, but rather use the technology available to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities to create value for you. Furthermore, we don’t just assist with occasional issues as they arise; we consistently aim to prepare our clients for the future to help them grow their businesses.

“I know if anything goes wrong, day or night, I can contact MIS and they will do everything they can to keep us running.”

Our goal is to create long-term strategic partnerships with our clients as we understand how they operate within their industry. With that knowledge, we marry our clients with IT solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient for the overall organization. The combination of skill, partnerships, industry contacts, experience, knowledge allows us to give our partners everything they need to succeed.

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Believe, Trust, Invest.

Our philosophy is: Believe, Trust, Invest. Our long-term relationships, knowledge, intelligence, and vision distinguishes us from the typical IT firm. We do more than handle technology – we help you understand your business, make critical decisions, understand risk, and become an integral part of your organization.

Providing indispensable knowledge, skill and advice to our clients to grow and protect their business and foster lifelong relationships.

Evolving how we take action as people and as an organization to best serve our community, our partners, and ourselves.

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  • Red Light – 2 or below star rating


The foundation of TeamMIS and everything we do: Believe. Trust. Invest.

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