You run a successful business. You have a strong team. You offer great services. All of that is true! But what if an inefficient phone system resulted in missed calls from new business or current clients and it caused you to lose revenue and your reputation? You work too hard for this to be the case. Unreliable business phone systems, or any technology in that case, shouldn’t be a concern – and that’s where TeamMIS can help.

TeamMIS offers Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that allows you to utilize technology to efficiently manage your internal and external communications. With VoIP, your organization can save time and money, become more efficient, and experience less downtime, leading to increased productivity. The best part? For qualified businesses, TeamMIS can beat any price and ensure better service. Here are 3 other key benefits:

Savings: The most well-known benefit of VoIP might be how cheap it is to make calls. The low costs associated with VoIP come from the fact that it utilizes an existing internet connection as opposed to the physical hardware required for tradition landlines. According to, VoIP savings can be as much as:

  • 30% off your phone bills.
  • 90% on international call bills.
  • 40% on local call bills.
  • 75% on operational calls.
  • $1200 for each phone line you have.

Efficiency: With a VoIP phone system you can easily monitor, screen, record, save, and forward calls directly from your device without interrupting normal work activities. The ability to plug in your IP-enabled phone to an internet connection from anywhere and use your VoIP phone number is a great way to stay connected with your office and your clients while you’re away at a sales conference, out of the office, or working remotely. In today’s world, the hybrid work model really depends on this.

Productivity: With all of the useful features that come with VoIP, and no hassle of dealing with heavy and complicated hardware, these phone systems can enable your team to do more. Our solution provides users with the ability to host virtual meetings, conduct international phone conferences, and share significant data through video conferencing. It can be tailored to best suit your needs. There’s specific features that are the most useful for small businesses, and we have insight into what those are. TeamMIS can provide you with more flexibility and versatility, and allow for easy ongoing management. You’ll never have to worry about how reliable it is.

TeamMIS will take the time understand your unique environment and come up with a custom VoIP solution. Don’t miss out on new business opportunities or ensuring a positive employee and client experience because of your technology. Simply request a Free VoIP Assessment to get a quote and quickly compare costs and features to what you’re currently using. Like we said earlier, we’re confident we can beat it.