Our goal is to create long-term strategic partnerships with our clients as we understand how they operate within their industry. The partner experience is our main focus and we want to ensure it’s one that is positive, results-driven, and fun. We believe in the difference we make in everything we do, the value we provide, and the knowledge we share. The belief in doing the right thing unwaveringly drives our business, our partners’ businesses, and our mutual success – and you don’t just have to take our word for it.

TeamMIS is an Indianapolis-based IT firm that aims to be a strategic advisor to to you through collaboration with technology. We don’t just assist with occasional issues as they arise; we consistently aim to prepare our partners for the future to help them grow their business. And, as one partner put it, “I know if anything goes wrong, day or night, I can contact MIS and they will do everything they can to keep us running.” We love to hear from our partners. Have you had a recent experience with us? Please feel free to leave a Google Review!

And to get an even better idea for how our partners feel about their interactions with us, we’ve utilized a tool called Customer Thermometer to provide a Live Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR) on our website. Along with the CSR, you can also view Latest Comments, as well as Real-Time Customer Ratings. We’re proud to highlight that TeamMIS currently has a 97% CSR score and an 89% Gold Star rating (5/5 Stars) out of our last 100 customer ratings! Recent studies from the American Customer Satisfaction Index state that the average CSR score is about 75%.

While this provides great insights and helps to keep us on track to ensure a positive experience, we know that it also offers our partners, and potential partners, great value too. Anytime you visit our website, you can get real-time, updated feedback from individuals that have worked with us. It’s a consistent snapshot into how we do what we say we’re going to do.

You can learn from our current partners about what working with TeamMIS means to them by visiting our testimonials page. For example, here’s a recent testimonial from A.J., at First Group Engineering: “I like the personal attention we receive from MIS. I know that I am not their only client, however they always make me feel as if I am. I typically deal with Mike, but even when it’s someone else, I always feel like they do everything they can to help.”

We’re also on a mission to provide you with more helpful resources and insights. You can download this brochure  to learn more about how we can be your strategic advisors to help you reach your business goals and better your organization through technology. We believe that collaboration and support are two key pieces of what we do for our partners. We collaborate with you to fill in your staff’s abilities and power up your organization.

At TeamMIS, we do more than handle technology, we help you understand your business, make critical decisions, understand risk, and become an integral part of your organization. Hopefully as you get to know us you’ll see that our vision distinguishes us from the typical IT firm. If you have any concerns about your current IT environment, contact us. You can also download this Cybersecurity Self-Assessment to gain immediate insights.