Many of us may be familiar with Cloud technology, but there are many features and strategies to consider. Since every organization is different, a Cloud migration strategy should be tailored exactly to your particular needs to achieve desired business outcomes. And for those already leveraging the Cloud, it can only benefit you to review it with an IT expert to ensure the right-sized strategy is in place. 

Your migration strategy should help identify and execute the fastest, lowest cost, least disruption transition from on-premises to Cloud. Once all the elements are in place, you can experience immediate value for both your internal team and your interactions with customers. Are any of these questions familiar to you when you think about your journey with IT?

  • What Cloud services are the best fit for my business?
  • How secure will my data be in the Cloud?
  • Where will the data be located and how easy is it to access?
  • What happens if the data is lost or compromised?
  • Who is going to manage my cloud strategy for me?
  • What support services can I expect?
  • Can the Cloud scale up when my business grows?

TeamMIS has the answer to all of these and more to help you make sound decisions. We ensure the migration process is designed with milestones, clear goals, reasonable durations for each task and an understanding of how to get the most out of it. As you think about your unique environment and how this may be of value to you, here are 5 key benefits to leveraging the Cloud:

  1. Experience cost savings due to the significant reduction in hardware and software upgrades.
  2. Reduction of downtime to help your organization avoid financial losses.
  3. Security and law compliance with heavy encryption, authentication protocols, and more.
  4. Data recovery protection to ensure 24/7/365 peace of mind if disaster does strike.
  5. Enable remote workers to be more productive and avoid interruptions in workflow.

Overall, we can attest to the prevailing tendency of Cloud services taking over the industry. It’s proven to have a considerable impact on productivity, efficiency, security, and revenue growth, mainly for small and medium businesses, which usually have less room in their budget to configure their own Clouds. Everything from the setup, maintenance, and automatic updates can be addressed by TeamMIS. We can even help you explore Hybrid Clouds (private and public cloud setups) for those with more sensitive information that do not have the necessary resources to configure and maintain local centers. We can meet the requirements regarding any storage, power, and bandwidth needs at any point in time. Above all, we make sure the Cloud is able to grow right alongside you.

If you’re interested in migrating to the Cloud, or assessing your current strategy, please email to have a conversation. Our team is always available to assist if you need additional information. It’s our goal to take the mystery out of the Cloud by evaluating your needs and creating a solution right for you.